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Holiday Eating Tips


The fast-approaching holidays are full of family, friends, great food, and beautiful memories. When the holiday season comes, it's easy to forget the healthy eating and exercise habits we typically work hard to maintain throughout the rest of the year. Being bombarded with delicious holiday favorites can make sticking to a healthy routine difficult. These easy holiday eating tips allow one to maintain a healthy routine while enjoying festive holiday parties and get-togethers.

7 Easy Healthy Eating Tips

Use Healthy Alternatives For Favorite Dishes

Healthy eating doesn't mean you can't have your holiday favorites. Sometimes your favorite dishes only need a few modifications to be healthier. Using less butter and bacon in the family-favorite green bean casserole will likely not be missed. Yogurt is an excellent choice instead of using mayonnaise in deviled eggs. Baking a turkey instead of deep frying will save calories and still be delicious. There are many ways to provide healthier alternatives while enjoying fabulous meals over the holidays. 

Practice Moderation

Enjoying an indulgent, festive dinner with family or friends is part of the holiday season. It's wise to ensure that most meals are healthy and not full of high-calorie foods. Choosing a light lunch like a salad with an olive oil dressing when the evening meal will be a big holiday meal will help keep calories in check. A light breakfast the following day will help prevent unwanted holiday pounds from creeping up. Eating healthy during the holidays takes some thought and planning but allows you to indulge during a few significant events.

Avoid Processed Foods

Preparing healthy, homemade meals can be tricky during busy holiday times. Planning is key to avoiding processed foods. Canned, processed, and pre-made foods often contain excess salt and sugar. Reducing your sodium and calorie intake by making your meals from scratch will help give you more control over your health and wellness. Preparing healthier meals in advance that freeze well and can be reheated when you're short on time is a good strategy.

Add More Vegetables

It's easy to go overboard with our favorite indulgent recipes, but sometimes eating better is as simple as offering more healthy choices. Increasing the number of vegetable dishes on the dinner table will allow smarter food choices for everyone. Roasted asparagus can be a beautiful and terrific addition to holiday meals. Roasted carrots or baked sweet potatoes are flavorful and add a bright pop of color. Serving a salad before lunch or dinner or a vegetable-based appetizer earlier in the afternoon is an easy way to add more vegetables to your daily diet.

Slow Mealtimes Down

An easy way to eat less anytime of the year is to slow down during meals. Multiple studies have shown that eating at a slower pace gives the stomach time to signal the brain that it is full, which can decrease overeating. Serving several courses spaced out during holiday meals will help encourage everyone to slow down and enjoy their food and the company.

Practice Portion Control

Portion control is crucial, especially throughout the holiday season. Eating small snacks and three medium-sized meals during the day improves digestion and can reduce your overall calorie intake. One of the best (and easiest) holiday eating tips is to use smaller plates or reduce the number of high-calorie dishes you serve at each meal.

Take a Walk 

Regular walking is good for your physical and mental health and can help you reach and maintain your optimal weight. Walking after a meal has several distinct benefits. A short walk can provide quiet time to destress, aid digestion, and reduce blood sugar and insulin levels. Research indicates that walking immediately after a meal maximizes these benefits instead of waiting only an hour.

Call The Bluffs Chiropractic & Family Wellness Team 

Following these holiday eating tips can help year-round! You're not alone if you've been trying to lose weight and feel like nothing works. Over 70% of American adults are considered overweight. If you're serious about losing weight, we can help. Our Shape Reclaimed Weight Loss Program has helped many patients reclaim their nutritional health without crash diets, expensive food plans, or intense exercise. 

If you're ready to take the next step in achieving pain relief and overall wellness, contact The Bluffs Chiropractic & Family Wellness team today. Dr. Joshua Lippincott has been serving patients for over 12 years and is passionate about helping people achieve their best possible health. Contact us online or call (636) 326-2525 to schedule your initial consultation. 


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