Weight Loss

Over 68% of Americans are overweight and over 35% of Americans are considered obese. This is a fact. Our country is not in a great place when it comes to health, but you don’t have to be apart of those statistics. Join our Shape Reclaimed weight loss program and start your own success story right now.


This Unique Weight Loss Program Is Changing Lives

We offer assistance in creating a healthy diet based on your specific needs and body through our Shape Reclaimed weight loss program. This unique approach is designed to help people lose weight by decreasing inflammation within the body, and is doctor supervised. The goal is full body health and losing weight is one of the byproducts of the process. So many people have reclaimed their nutritional health through this program, and we couldn’t be happier.


How Does This Weight Loss Program Work?

We provide guidance on a specific diet and recommend supplemental products that help you reach your overall goal. When you sign up for Shape Reclaimed, you’ll fill out some simple paperwork and have a consultation with the doctor. To start you will take a comprehensive urinalysis to check body function so we know exactly what shape your body is in before you begin. These results will help us put together a specialized plan just for you and what your body needs.

First, we work to regulate your body’s systems and processes through specialized nutrition in order to get you moving in the right direction. Once your plan is set, the doctor will set up a series of follow-up evaluations to check your progress, acting as a full accountability partner along the way.


What Makes This Weight Loss Program Unique?

From start to finish, this program is supervised by a medical professional providing you with the confidence you need to meet your weight loss goals. You won’t find these benefits all in one place anywhere else.

✔️ Doctor Supervised
✔️ Developed by Chiropractor
✔️ Organic Supplements
✔️ Patient Guide Book
✔️ Nutritional Guidance & Counseling
✔️ Weekly Weigh-In for Support & Accountability

If you have any questions about our weight loss program, give our team a call. We can’t wait to get started with you!